Are the Chickens Coming Home to Roost?

    Stand Together or Fall Apart   

  Super Tuesday Update:

Last night in Ohio, voters defeated SB5; the Government Union Law.  Apparently people don’t like to have their rights taken away from them.  So goes Ohio, so goes the country.  All we have to do is participate.  Power to the people.

In Arizona, Senator Russell Pearce, architect of the discriminatory  anti-immigration law SB1070 (affectionately known as the “papers please” law) was recalled last night.  He was defeated by Jerry Lewis (R).  HEY LADY!

Apparently still upset by the recent Supreme Court decision (1973 Roe vs. Wade), anti-abortion zealots in Mississippi introduced a ballot initiative that wanted to redefine life as “beginning at fertilization”.   If made  law, it would have made birth control and abortion illegal.  Mississippi voters weren’t having it.  They defeated the “person-hood initiative” soundly. 99% to 1%, in a democracy, those are some damn good odds.

– L. Morales
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