Politics = Kryptonite

Super Committee: Fails

Once again, when it comes to the classic battle between politics and morality,  politics wins.  Apparently, negotiations within the Joint Committee on Deficit Reduction have once again reached an impasse.  It seems that pesky pledge to that “random person” (per John Bohner), Grover Norquist, is once again the wet paper bag the Republicans can’t fight their way out of.  The Democrats, on the other hand, were perhaps lucky not to have come to an agreement.  This would have meant agreeing to major cuts in social programs (something the Democrats seem to think 70% of the American people want – not).

– L. Morales

Now is the time for action, not Republican doubletalk and reverse implication.  We all recognize the motivations behind their Corpublican agenda.  The question is, come November 2012, will the American people reward the Republicans for their congressional stagnation; their deliberate attempt to tank the economy in pursuit of  their stated goal (making Pres. Obama a one term president)?  When Pres. Obama is reelected, what will their agenda be then?  To be sure the congress has the correct agenda, “we the people” need to vote the Republicans (and obstructive Democrats) out of office and give Pres. Obama a true majority. In this way, he will have the chance to be judged on his actual policies, not the rhetoric of an often racist, selfish, heartless, and cambion-thinking Republican party, who does not seem to suffer from this economic recession, but from a moral one.

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