Peeing in the Wind

                      Republican takes Cup and goes Home

     Indiana General Assembly Representative Jud McMillin withdrew yesterday – the welfare drug testing bill.  Confident that his bill would pass constitutional muster,  (a Federal judge had already struck down a similar Florida* law requiring drug testing of all welfare recipients; determining this to be an “unreasonable search and seizure” ) (Jud’s bill would allow welfare recipients to opt-out of random screening, but by doing so could only be screened if they aroused “reasonable suspicion” (by demeanor, arrest record, or missed welfare appointments) Rep. McMillin  withdrew his bill only after Democratic Representative  Ryan Dvorak successfully amended it.  The amendment required that standards imposed on welfare recipients be applied to everyone who receives government money.  That, of course, includes legislators.  Perhaps Rep. Jud McMillin needs about six months or so to cleanse his system?

* Florida Gov. Rick Scott founded Columbia Hospital Corp. in 1987 and had to resign as CEO of Columbia/HCA under the scandal over their Medicare billing practices.  He was paid $9.88 million to leave and owned 10 million shares in the company at the time.  $350 million in case you were wondering.  The company was subsequently found guilty of  the largest Medicare fraud in U.S. history.  They agreed to the 14 felonies and had to pay over $600 million in damages. Elected in 2010 by the ignorant Tea Party wave, he pressured his Florida legislature to implement the welfare drug testing policy.  By doing so he unwittingly proved his own stated beliefs wrong.  The collected data showed that 98% of Florida welfare recipients were drug free.  Another stereotype bites the proverbial dust.    …Coincidence?: In 2001, Governor Rick Scott founded the drug testing company that was awarded the only contract to test welfare recipients in Florida.  In April 2010, he sold his stock in the company.  $62 million in case you were wondering.
– L. Morales
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