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Powered by small business hiring, unemployment rate falls to 8.6 percent, lowest in 2 1/2 years

The Time is Now!

 Now that Occupy Wall Street has grabbed the attention of the entire country and world, we the people, have an opportunity to take it a step further.  Protesting is a righteous way of showing our frustration with the amount of greed and dishonesty major corportations and congressional leaders have displayed.  However, if we really want to send a message, we need to Stop Buying Their Products.  That’s right, we need to stop doing business with every company that has a profit-over-people mission statement.
We see the evidence of a bad economy everyday in our local communities.  I am sure we all have a loved one who is currently struggling to find work.  Even if you are one of the fortunate to have employment, how much more money are you making today than you were ten years ago?  Has your income increased drastically?  I seriously doubt it.  How then, are companies like Mobile making record profits during this same time?  Why is it that companies like Bank of America get away with paying zero taxes when we pay almost half of our salary?
It is our time to show them that the greed has to stop!  These corporations can not do anything unless we continue to give them power by using their products.  The time is now for us to show them that we will not take it anymore.  They need to pay their fair share!  We need to stop doing business with them.  The time is now!

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