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United Occupy Party petition

To sign the United Occupy Party petition goto:   Change.org

– Revolution starts in the mind.

– L. Morales

We’re Number 1!

    Los Angeles does it Again!

No, I’m not talking basketball.  No, not hockey, soccer, football, baseball or any other sport.  I’m talking about something important.  Something that will affect your future as well as that of your children and grandchildren.

An organization called Move to Amend (.org) started a petition to amend the U.S. Constitution.  The goal is to establish the obvious: corporations are not people (Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission; the Supreme Court decision that allows anonymous, unlimited  purchase [money=speech] of the U.S. political process, and therefore, the United States government).  L.A. City Councilman Eric Garcetti heard of the Occupy Wall Street-inspired petition, liked the idea, and drafted a resolution.    It states: only living persons, not corporations are endowed with constitutional rights and that money is not the same as free speech.

The Los Angles City Council voted on the resolution yesterday at 10:00 am.  As you may have guessed by now, it passed unanimously!  Los Angeles became the first major city in the United States to call for an end to all corporate constitutional person-hood.  Councilman Garcetti said: ” We’re very proud to come together and send a message, but more than that, this becomes the official position of the City of Los Angeles.  We will officially lobby for this. I also chair a group which oversees all the Democratic mayors and council members in the country and we’re going to share this with all our 3,000 members and we hope to see this start here in the west and sweep the nation until one day we do have a constitutional amendment which will return the power to the people.”

Bravo L.A.!  Once again the trend setter. Who would have thought we would ever need a resolution like this, to castrate the judicial activism of the shady majority on the Supreme Court?

– L. Morales

United Occupy Party petition



To sign the United Occupy Party petition goto:   Change.org

– Revolution starts in the mind.


– L. Morales

Sheep Let out of Cages

Black Friday Bonanza? –or-  Baa Baa Black Sheep have you any Cents?

         How many bagfuls of money did you save today?  How many bagfuls did you spend?  Think about it.  Were you one of the sheep who were chomping at the bit this morning, waiting for stores to open?  Were you one of the sheep who spent more than they could probably afford to, in the guise of saving less than you would have if you just stayed home?  How’s your economy going?

     Early reports today indicate that the corporations are doing just fine.  Sales at stores like WalMart are brisk, as multiple reported injuries and one reported pepper spray incident can attest. ( Apparently word of Occupy Day has not saturated the public consciousness).

     Come on sheeple.  You can do better than that.  I realize that to shop is to feel a certain euphoria that helps alleviate the pain of reality, but alas, this too is only temporary.  After the feeling goes away, you’re left with the material things you’ve purchased, which ( if made in China ) will also deteriorate soon enough.  When will you end the cycle?  When will you get off the treadmill that will inevitably, by design, leave you cold, shivering, and standing wool-less at the end of the road?

     Occupy your minds people.  Think for yourselves.  Be engaged in the politics that effect your everyday lives and your children’s future.  Wake up! and realize that in the checker game you are playing, you’re a pawn in the chess game they are playing.

– L. Morales

On Veterans’ Day…

Occupy Los Angeles Continues the Fight

Supporters of the OWS-Los Angeles movement made their presence known on Friday.  Out in force, they marched enthusiastically from City Hall to the financial district to once again highlight their cause; to bring scrutiny to the inequities of the financial system.  The system, who through its corporate greed and lust for perpetual profit, crashed the entire world economy and destroyed the American middle class.

Contrary to Right wing talking points, the residents of Occupy Los Angeles were wonderful people. There were people from different walks of life, different ages, races, and ideologies, but they were all there under the same umbrella, with the same desire in their hearts: to make America strong again.  To make America again the place where our children and grandchildren have the opportunity for an excellent education and a promising  future.

– L. Morales

Occupy Day Petition

…to sign the Occupy Day petition:

Goto:  Change.org

– sign the petition to show your support!

– L. Morales

Day of Reckoning

OCCUPY DAY: 11/25/11

     Spend your time not your money!

             Stand together or fall apart!

To show your support for the movement:

1]  go to your city’s Occupy location on 11/25/11

2]  make no purchases on Black Friday; 11/25/11

Don’t Feed the Parasite

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Bank of America Halts Plans to Charge Debit Card Users $5/Month

     Bank of America has realized it’s error in charging it’s customers $5/month to use it’s debit cards –   telling us about it!   Don’t be fooled people.   Keep your eye on your statements… – they will find other ways to take your money.

     Until I realized that I was the host and Bank of America was the parasite, I too was a customer (they make really great commercials).  Tired of being “nickel and dimed” to death, I took my money to another institution – Wells Fargo (did I mention this was years ago?).

   Today I do business with my local Credit Union and am quite happy with their service.  Our relationship is a symbiotic one.  Knowledge is power people.  Big banks are profit driven, credit unions are people driven. For me, the choice was easy.  Until they change from Bank of America to Bank for America, I will not do business with them.

     How about you?    Are you still… feeding the parasite?

– L. Morales

Day of Reckoning

Occupy Day: 11/25/11

                           Spend your time – not your money!

        For all the doubters of the Occupy Wall Street movement, for all the Republicans who can’t seem to figure out what it’s all about, the “leaders” of this OWS movement have come up with a way to show that from many voices come one action.
    “If you believe in the Occupy movement, all we ask is that you show it by showing up at your city’s Occupy location on Friday, Nov. 11.  With millions in the streets in each town, city, state, or country, how could we be ignored?”  She went on to say, “The second part of this is: Do not spend one penny on that day.  The 1% need to be reminded that without us, they could never have become “the 1%”.
– L. Morales
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