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On Veterans’ Day…

Occupy Los Angeles Continues the Fight

Supporters of the OWS-Los Angeles movement made their presence known on Friday.  Out in force, they marched enthusiastically from City Hall to the financial district to once again highlight their cause; to bring scrutiny to the inequities of the financial system.  The system, who through its corporate greed and lust for perpetual profit, crashed the entire world economy and destroyed the American middle class.

Contrary to Right wing talking points, the residents of Occupy Los Angeles were wonderful people. There were people from different walks of life, different ages, races, and ideologies, but they were all there under the same umbrella, with the same desire in their hearts: to make America strong again.  To make America again the place where our children and grandchildren have the opportunity for an excellent education and a promising  future.

– L. Morales

“Eric Cantor is not welcome here!”

Occupy Day Petition

…to sign the Occupy Day petition:

Goto:  Change.org

– sign the petition to show your support!

– L. Morales

Day of Reckoning

OCCUPY DAY: 11/25/11

     Spend your time not your money!

             Stand together or fall apart!

To show your support for the movement:

1]  go to your city’s Occupy location on 11/25/11

2]  make no purchases on Black Friday; 11/25/11

we don’t need no water…

Let it Burn!

       These protestors realize that the only way to show BofA that they are serious is to burn their ATM cards.  We should all do the same!

 Protesters in Seattle, WA burn their Bank of America ATM card.

Day of Reckoning

Occupy Day: 11/25/11

                           Spend your time – not your money!

        For all the doubters of the Occupy Wall Street movement, for all the Republicans who can’t seem to figure out what it’s all about, the “leaders” of this OWS movement have come up with a way to show that from many voices come one action.
    “If you believe in the Occupy movement, all we ask is that you show it by showing up at your city’s Occupy location on Friday, Nov. 11.  With millions in the streets in each town, city, state, or country, how could we be ignored?”  She went on to say, “The second part of this is: Do not spend one penny on that day.  The 1% need to be reminded that without us, they could never have become “the 1%”.
– L. Morales
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