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Computer Blues

        Communication Breakdown

     Sorry guys… being held hostage by my computer.  Negotiations going well.  Final demands: a new hard drive and reinstallation of Windows OS.  Hopefully the transaction will go smoothly.  Will be back to business soon – much to catch up on…  (Too much hypocracy, too little time.)  

– hang in there Kominki !

– L. Morales


Ben Bernanke’s Solution To The Housing Crisis: Renting Foreclosed Homes

The next theft?
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* Note to Our Readers…


Thank You


– S.W./ L.M.


Day of Reckoning

OCCUPY DAY: 11/25/11

     Spend your timenot your money!

            Stand together or fall apart!

To show your support for the movement:

1]  go to your city’s Occupy location on 11/25/11

2]  make no purchases on Black Friday; 11/25/11

* please sign the petition at:

– L. Morales

‘Occupy The SEC’ Scrutinizes The Volcker Rule For Loopholes

                                                                                                                                     The ever-reaching tentacles of the Occupus – I love it!




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Cain Cain go away…

        For a man that will never become President, he sure has dominated the news cycle.  The luckiest man in the world?  Mitt “the wit” Romney.

– L. Morales


       It’s Good for Revolution

     There is a war going on.  A brazen, full frontal, take no prisoners, all out assault against the enemy.  Unlike other illegal wars the United States has perpetrated, this one is fully sanctioned by a majority of the Congress.  This is a war against the U.S. constitution, democracy, and the middle class.  “We the People” are the enemy.
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